The Geysers, Middletown, California

Our operations began at The Geysers in 1979, and we have been steadfast in supporting the ongoing functioning of projects at the site since then. Our work encompasses a wide range of activities, including the selection of drill and power plant sites, as well as the design and construction of essential infrastructure such as roads, drilling sites, sumps, plant sites, bridges, and pipelines.
Furthermore, we remain committed to offering comprehensive consulting services that encompass project design, construction, commissioning, and optimization. This includes critical aspects such as process design, equipment selection, and construction supervision, ensuring our projects achieve peak performance.

Geothermal Location

Elmore Backpressure Project, Salton Sea, California

A new backpressure unit was installed at the existing Elmore facility to increase the overall output by taking advantage of the high pressure to standard pressure steam let down. This included an upgraded NCG system. The Veizades team provided the detail design of mechanical, electrical, control and civil works for the project including specifications for new equipment with the exception of the turbine/generator. Personnel were provided for construction support and a full-time commissioning manager was onsite to lead the commissioning activities.

Coso Navy II East Field Expansion, Coso Junction, California

The East Field expansion consisted of 60MW expansion including HP & LP steam separation stations, brine pump station, HP & LP steam and brine pipelines routed along over 2-mile-long rugged terrain corridor.